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The Production Crew

Producer: Darlene Cypser  

Darlene Cypser has ten years of experience producing and selling motion pictures. She is an attorney with 22 years of experience licensed to practice in both Colorado and New York. Darlene is the primary sales agent and negotiator of distribution deals for Inferno Film Productions which sells motion picture distribution rights for a number of other production companies. Darlene produced Dragon and the Hawk in 1999/2000 and has advised producers, production companies and distributors on tax matters, production, distribution and marketing. Darlene has written articles for magazines and spoken on these topics at conferences including the Legal Aspects of Film and Video Production Conference and the Creative Business Expo in Denver, the Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference in Lexington, Kentucky. [Darlene's IMDb Listing]

Director: Trygve Lode

Trygve first came to the movie business as an actor. He has directed companies and small stage plays. He has also done work in the background on other feature films including Surfer King, Spotless and Back Slash. He has also assisted other movie directors in communicating their directions to actors. Trygve is chiefly responsible for managing Inferno's technology needs including purchasing, assembling and maintaining hardware and software for our Internet servers and editing machines, and arranging video format conversions to meet delivery requirements. He also actively participates in Inferno's distribution contract negotiations and acts in some of its productions.   [Trygve's IMDb Listing]

Director of Photography: Edward Done

Edward has been a director of photography for over 12 years. Ed was DP on a Memory of a Large Christmas, Monty, Midnight Sun, The Newspaper, Path Altered and She Said She Loved Me. Edward was the second unit director of photography on John Sayle's feature film, Silver City. and is currently working on a documentary for the U.S. Air Force Academy. He has worked on countless commercials, music videos and industrial films for clients such as 1stBank, Toyota, Sofa Mart/Oak Express, Gart Sports, Starz Encore and King Soopers.   [Ed's IMDb Listing]

Production Sound Mixer: Dave Schaaf

Dave has been the production sound mixer on dozens of features films and television programs, including: Six Wire Winter, Dancing Bear, The Claim, Friends First, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, Dragon and the Hawk, Food for the Heart, Picture of Priority, No Way Up, Ichabod, America's Most Wanted, Entertainment Tonight, Nova Oprah's Big Give and The Pacific TV mini-series. He's worked on commercials for Ford, Lockheed Martin, Gain Detergent, StorageTek, Rocky Mountain News, and Total Petroleum.   [Dave's IMDb Listing]

2nd Unit Director: Mark S. Grove

Mark Steven Grove has been an actor, stunt and fight choreographer, special FX supervisor, firearms handler, action coordinator and director since 1989. His stunts and effects film credits include: 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain, Mad Love, My Samurai, Seclusion, Looking for Sunday, Alice in Wasteland, Surfer King, The Goal, Spotless, The Sensei, Tequila Express, Brother Tied, and Tiger Street. He has also worked on local and national television programs including the Highlander series, and a program for the History Channel. Mark also directed The Shadow Walkers and Dragon and the Hawk. He is currently co-directing Gathering of Heroes: Legend of the Seven Swords [Mark's IMDb Listing]

Visual Effects Supervisor and 2nd Unit DP: Jon Firestone

Jon Firestone has over eight years experience behind the camera and has extensive experience at computer generated visual effects including chroma-key work to combine live and computer generated footage. Jon is currently director of photography and Co-director of Gathering of Heroes: Legend of the Seven Swords. He was 2nd unit DP and visual effects supervisor for The Shadow Walkers, director of photography for Stained Glass Windows and To Build a Fire, and he created the visual effects for The Midnight Sun. Jon has shot a number of commercials and other projects. His clients have included Starz Encore, Furniture Row, Subway, CoLours TV and Remax. Jon also developed and taught the 3D graphics program at the Colorado Film School.   [IMDb Listing]

Key Makeup & Hair: Lorraine Altamura

Lorraine is a native New Yorker who honed her craft in Los Angeles. From Super-Models, to TV and movie actors, to rock stars, political candidates, and sports figures, Lorraine has done it all. Madeline Albright, Elvis Costello, Richard Dreyfuss, Al Gore and Peyton Manning have sat in her chair. She has worked with photographers such as Joyce Tenneson and Robert Farber and directors like Steve Horn, John Derek, Robert Altman and Joe Pitka. Sony has labeled her the "Hi-Def Queen" for the natural look she delviers that stands up to the rigors of Hi-Def close-ups. Lorraine's artistry at creating the the look of the period wigs and make up for the characters in The Highwayman are an essential part of the movie.   [IMDb Listing]

Assistant Director: Nancy Snyder

Sword Choreographer, Best Boy, Set Dressing: Justin McQueede

[IMDb Listing]

Assistant Camera: Tod Boyle

2nd Assistant Camera: D.J. Zupancic

Gaffer: Kyle Steinbrinck

Boom Operator: Jessie Marek

2nd Unit AC: Tim Hardy

2nd Unit Sound: Jeff Deel

2nd Unit Sound: Tom Cassetta

Assistant Makeup Artist: Lauren Rennells

Makeup Assistant: Joyce Cunningham

Makeup Assistant: Rachael Holland

Production Assistants: Jane Barnet, Robert Main, Mandi McNabb, Mackenzie Cleveland, Brian Cabrera, Steven Shore, Catalina Catani, Tim Gallagher, April Gallagher, John Sims, Mira Hoffman

Dialect Coach: Ailish Riggs

Horse Wranglers: Sean Rickel, Vic Kanep, Chris Green

Horse Doubles: Joshua Ruddell, Vic Kanep

Grips: Will Beckingham, Nick Falls

Costumers: Wendy Felker, Marci Heiser, Sarah Lotfi, Yvonne Jennings, Fay McKinney, Joni Cordova, Havilah Davis, Kathryn Gould, Francesca Bollinger, Jonval Leather and Furs, and more...

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